ASVAB Study Guide Cheat Sheet Secrets

asvab study guide successI bet you’ve started studying already, probably the ASVAB Study Guide firm in hand. And you may feel a bit stressed. Those 9 areas of expertise you have to master can really keep you up at night.

And that would be a big mistake! Why? I’ll tell you in a minute!

In this post, I’m going to share a few unconventional tips with you. That’s why I call it “cheat sheet” – although one of the cheats I’ll share with you is actually a LEGITIMATE cheat sheet…

1) Take Naps and Get Enough Sleep

Seriously. Take regular study breaks and use as many of them as possible to take naps. Why? Click here to read more!

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ASVAB Exam Tips: AFQT And Subtests

One of the key aspects of the ASVAB exam you need to understand is how the test is put together. It consists of approximately 9 subtests in a range of areas. Four of these make up what’s often called the AFQT, which is the Armed Forces Qualification Test.

ASVAB Practice Center

What The AFQT Test Is About

The four subtests making up the AFQT basically include the verbal and the math portion of the ASVAB exam. Why those?

Well, those are some of the basic academic skills on which the rest of them are built. And why do you have to master those pesky academic skills when you want to join the military?

Well, it may (or may not) come as a surprise to you, but the military values study skills. A LOT. And why?

Because a military career involves learning new stuff all the time. And so the members of the military need to be able to handle that – and preferably even enjoy learning new things. And that’s where the AFQT score comes in. A high score tells the recruiters that you are good at learning stuff.

So do you HAVE to get a high score on the AFQT portion of the ASVAB exam?

Yes. If you want to join the military, you do, especially if you want to get into the more competitive branches of the military, including the Air Force.

What About The Other ASVAB Subtests?

What about the other 5 or so subtests? Do you have to ace those as well?

As I said, if you have ambitions to join the more competitive branches, you definitely do have to do well in those as well, or at least in most of them.

And with more and more applicants clamoring to join the military, they actually have their pick of applicants, and so their goals are to limite the number of low-scoring applicants that they accept and aim for getting the highest possible proportion of high scoring ones.

If YOU were a recruiter, wouldn’t you do the same thing? So if you want to join, make sure you spend time and even a little cash on getting prepared REALLY well.

How To Prepare And Study For the ASVAB Test

Make sure you have great practice tests and other study materials, preferably several different books and guides, and maybe even join an online practice center or two.

The key is that the more you practice, the better you get. And the more varied tests you take, the less you’re thrown off by what you’ll encounter during the “REAL” test.

As you can see, there are a range of other study tips on this site, including a free guide with some more tips:

CLICK HERE for your FREE Study guide

And if you’d like to read a review of the ASVAB Online Testing Center, you can do that here:

CLICK HERE for my review of the ASVAB Testing Center

Meanwhile, what about the AFQT and the other subtests? How are you supposed to pace yourself?

Start with An ASVAB Practice Test

Start with taking a practice test or two, just so you’ll see where you stand. If you have major gaps, plan on doing a lot of studying and reviewing – over time. Cramming won’t get you too far, especially not when it comes to the verbal portion of the test.

That’s because the verbal portion measures skills you need to practice over time.

Imagine participating in a tennis or golf tournament. Cramming for a weekend is NOT going to help you win if you weren’t a terrific golfer or tennis player in the first place.

The same thing is true for reading comprehension. If you have trouble with that part of the test, you’ll need to practice, practice, and practice some more, until your brain gets the hang of it and you feel confident that you can extract exactly the right info from a text when reading it fairly quickly, and answer a series of questions about it.

For extra practice and confidence, check out the ASVAB Practice Center and ASVAB Practice Center It’s a terrific resource. Take a look and see what you think.

Make sense?

And don’t rush it either. If you have a lot to study and the choice between two testing dates, take the one that gives you more time. Unlike the SAT or the GRE, you can’t just take the same test over and over until you score to your liking.

Once you pass, you’re pretty much stuck with the results – and if they limit your options in the military, you’re stuck with a career you may not enjoy. That’s why it’s so important to do well on the ASVAB test.

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ASVAB Exam Study Tips

If you’re on this site, you’re probably preparing for your ASVAB exam – and you are nervous about it.

And you have reason to be – the ASVAB is an intense test, with 9 (sometimes 10) subtests, all in different subject areas (though some are kind of related).

Four of them are the most crucial tests where you HAVE to do well, no matter what. But don’t let the other ones slide.

And that’s not all…

You HAVE to do well on the ASVAB test if you want to be accepted – and especially if you want to have a chance at the military career of your choice. Certain careers require a much higher score than others. A career in the Airforce is one of them.

So how can you make sure you do well on your ASVAB test?

Here are a few tips…

1) Study the right material

The review of the ASVAB Test Center above should convince you that the test center might be worth the investment. I certainly think so.

You do need an insider’s info, and the material in the test center gives you an opportunity to study the right stuff – and practice taking exams until you’re comfortable with the material and confident that you’ll do well on the test.

But that’s not all…

2) Study the right way

In addition to having the right material to study, you also need to study it the right way. How so?

Consider your preferred learning strategies.

If you learn well by reading, you’re probably in good shape since much of the material is presented to you in written form, and you’ll have to take the exam in writing.

But what if you prefer to learn by listening?

You could try to find audios – and you can even make your own. After all, a lot of repetition is essential, so why not read some of the material onto a tape recorder or an mp3 recorder and then play it back to yourself later.

If you’re a kinetic learner, you need to take action. One of the easiest built-in ways to do that (other than to take frequent breaks and walk around the room (or around the block)) is to write stuff down – preferably by hand,

Best of all… use several different channels or all of the above. Your brain will remember everything better if you feed it the information in several different ways. Read it alound, write it down, and listen to the information for best results.

c) Take ASVAB practice tests

It’s really important to take ASVAB practice tests before you dive deeply into your studies. You need to know where you stand, plus you’ll probably find it motivating to monitor your progress. But if you didn’t record the starting point, you won’t be able to see the difference.

Helpful resources

In order to best prepare for the ASVAB, I highly recommend you get access to the ASVAB exam practice center and discover how to pass your ASVAB.

You’re also welcome to my free study guide, which you can get here:

CLICK HERE For Your FREE Study Guide!

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ASVAB Testing Center Review

Getting accepted into the military can be a challenge. One of the biggest hurdles for most is taking your ASVAB – and scoring well.

Maybe you’ve already found the ASVAB Practice Center and wonder if it will help you pass your exam. Hopefully, this review will answer your questions.

If you haven’t found it yet, you may want to check it out after reading this review.

ASVAB exam

As you know, the ASVAB is one grueling exam. It’s 3 hours, timed, and covers 9 subtests. Your score on the first 4 subtests make up your AFQT score, which determines whether or not you get accepted into the military. The next 5 subjects determine what job assignment you will qualify for. Needless to say, this is NOT an easy exam.

So, the $1,000,000 question is simple. Can the ASVAB Practice Center help you prepare for this exam so that you can ultimately pass and get the job assignment YOU most want?

The answer is an absolute yes.

Here’s why:

How The ASVAB Testing Center works

The ASVAB Practice Center provides a COMPLETE study guide for your AFQT and also online practice exams that cover all 9 subjects. Their exams are controlled by a timer just like the official ones. In other words, if you can pass these, you WILL pass the actual exam. I can almost guarantee it.

The practice system offers the following:

  • Online ASVAB practice exams with automated AFQT scoring
  • Ultimate ASVAB Guidebook with Guaranteed Study Plan
  • Full Math Knowledge and Arithmetic Reasoning Study Guide
  • Word Knowledge and Paragraph Comprehension Study Guide
  • Access to over 5000 Word Knowledge Practice Words
  • Full Length Paper ASVAB practice exams (download)

They have left absolutely nothing out. If this system can’t prepare you for passing your ASVAB, then nothing will.

And here’s the best part:  it will get you ready for acing the test at a cost that is a small fraction of what you’d have to pay if you went to a certified school.

Here’s where you can check it out:

ASVAB Practice Center

You’ll see…their ASVAB Study Guides and other materials, and their ASVAB Online Practice Tests (and the paper tests) are top notch.

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